Gelato Recipes

Best. Ever. Homemade ice cream.

What is Gelato Recipes?

Gelato Recipes is not just an app, it is your own personal chef. You pick the flavour you want and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that powers Gelato Recipes creates the finest recipe to match your ingredients and preferences. For every flavour, there are thousands and thousands of variations possible, and Gelato Recipes considers them all to find you the perfect one.

With a little help from Gelato Recipes, you become the ice-cream making expert. All recipes are tailor-made for your ingredients. Whether you use single cream, double cream, whipping cream, manufacturer's cream … the recipe is adjusted to perfection each and every time. You're also in control. Do you want a rich custard-base or a refreshing Philadelphia-style ice-cream? Maybe you want to try Gelato Recipes' stunning vegan coconut base? Just say the word and the recipe pops on the screen. Yay!

Gelato Recipes comes with ten of the most popular flavours. Not enough? Don't worry! Gelato Recipes comes with a number of flavour packs, each unlocking 4 additional – and tested! – flavours. For an easy overview, please consult the table below.

FlavourCustardPhiladelphiaGelatoVeganSherbetVegan SherbetFrozen Yoghurt
Pure Vanilla*
Triple Chocolate**
Cookie Dough
Peanut Butter**
Summer Harvest Pack – Delicious fruity flavours, all of them with sherbet options!
Quirky Scoops Pack – Maybe not the flavours you would think of, but wait until you try them!
Yoghurt Peach*
World Flair Pack – The best of the flavours found around the globe!
Maple Pecan***
Matcha (Green Tea)
Rum Raisin
Luscious Desserts Pack – Bodacious, decadent, and sure to impressive any table guests!
Cold Brew Coffee
All Natural Pack – Pure flavours with only the freshest of ingredients!
Speculoos – Biscoff®***
Fresh Mint*
Fruity Bubblegum***
*Have a flavour and a base marked with a star? This means you'll need milk powder to make the ice cream.


Make it Yours

Some like it chunky, some like it smooth. Some like their ice-cream with a bite, others like it refreshingly soft.

Every flavour has tens of thousands of recipes. That way, you can select the style you want, the options you prefer, the stir-ins you like, the ripples you crave. Go wild. It is your recipe. Make it so.

Mindful of Allergies

Having allergies is hard enough. You want to eat ice-cream, and you don't want to only have a handful of options.

Don't worry, Gelato Recipes has you covered. The app is built from the ground up with allergies taken into account. Prominently see which of the big 8 allergens are present, and the majority of flavours have options to avoid the allergens altogether.

We Tried Them All

You don't want an app that is just a collection of random recipes. We know what you mean, and we promise excellence.

To achieve this, we make every single flavour in our test kitchen. Only when we are confident that it is the best it can get do we add it to Gelato Recipes. And my oh my, have we had some great flavours to try out. From an elegant stracciatella to an outlandish curry ice cream, we test them all.

For a Healthier You

Ice-cream is a treat, but that doesn't mean you need to have a guilty conscience for eating some.

When you make your ice-cream yourself, you have a better-quality product without preservatives. In addition, Gelato Recipes shows you the nutritional information, along with options to include inulin (less fat, more fibres!) or swap sugar for xylitol.

Re-Invent Ice Cream

You are a prosumer of ice-cream, or you are a professional and selling your creations. Be bold and create your own flavours.

An optional subscription to Gelato Recipes allows you to use its powerful AI to create your own flavours, your own bases, … . Your imagination is the limit. Gelato Recipes has your back, and tells you exactly why your recipe could fail, or why it is the next smash-hit.

Feel the Speed

You want your ice cream now. We get it.

Gelato Recipes can't help you speed up the refrigeration and freezing time, but at least you won't have to wait for a recipe. The AI is built from the ground up for speed, leveraging the raw power of your device through the Accelerate framework.